Artistic interlude

Beside her current series of  “Flowers & Animals” my wife is also making pressed-flower art. Amongst her paintings, I particularly likes the “Poetry” series (where she was illustrating some of my poems) and the “Geisha” series (she did a lot of those in the 90s). You’ll find here some examples of her work but I’ve put a few more on my Flickr site:

© Miyako Matsuda 1993-2017

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Images du mer-fleuri

Pink columbine

(iPhone 6s, 2017-05-23 / Nikon D3300, 2017-05-24)

Rappel: le solde de livres

Petit rappel: le solde de livres des Amis de la Bibliothèque de Montréal est toujours en cours et se termine dimanche prochain, le 28 mai. Pour les détails, vous référez au billet précédent ou simplement cliquer sur les images du signet pour les agrandir (ci-contre).

J’y étais le première journée et la file d’attente était plutôt longue (j’ai attendu un bon deux heures!). Évitez donc les week-ends. L’idéal c’est d’y aller la semaine ou en fin de journée. J’y suis retourné deux trois fois depuis et j’ai trouvé quelques trésors: des guides de voyages de l’éditeur DK (Voir en français), quelques documentaires, de nombreux mangas (principalement de Tezuka, plus deux Taniguchi et j’ai complété une partie de la série Zipang), des romans de chez Alire (Champetier, Houde, Lalumière, J-J Pelletier, Rochon, Sernine, Vonarburg), un Philip K. Dick, quelques auteurs japonais, etc. Ça vaut vraiment la peine alors essayez d’aller y faire un tour!

Garden update: five weeks later

(iPhone 6s & Nikon D3300, 2017/05/20-22)

See also my flower album on Flickr

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Ottawa Tulip Festival

Today we went to the Ottawa Tulip Festival (a.k.a. the Canadian Tulip Festival). It was a great trip and I enjoyed seeing all those various variety of tulips. It was the 65th edition of the festival and, this year with over a million tulips in bloom, it was particularly celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary. The even made a special tulip for that: the “Canada 150”. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day and we even got a little drizzle of rain but not enough to keep us from enjoying the festival.

My only complains is that, as we went on the penultimate day of the festival, many of the tulips were rather past their prime. Like last year, we should try next time to go at the beginning of the festival. Another problem was that the signalisation identifying the tulips was rather imprecise and you sometimes had five different signs in a flower bed but nothing telling us which tulip was corresponding to which name! A picture on each sign would have been a welcomed addition. Checking the map of the site (above) and googling the name of the tulips was sometimes helpful in identifying the varieties I was not sure about.

Here is a small sample of the pictures I took, but you can find more on the photo album I made for the event on Flickr :

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Promenade au parc

Je prends régulièrement des marches de santé dans le Parc du Complexe Environnemental de Saint-Michel (récemment renommé le Parc Frédéric-Back). J’ai donc pu constater ce printemps le progrès (plutôt lent) dans les différents aménagements des entrées de la nouvelle section (partie sud-est) dont l’ouverture avait été annoncé pour le printemps 2017. Bientôt sûrement (à moins que cela ne soit reporté comme la plupart des grands projets de M. Codère! L’ouverture totale du Parc annoncée pour 2020 est maintenant reporté à 2023!). Voici quelques photographies qui illustre cela:

La promesse

Mise à jour (2017-05-27): J’ai remarqué aujourd’hui que l’on avait ajouté une nouvelle signalisation de sentiers et quelques nouveaux arbres. Bon, ça progresse mais quand cette nouvelle section ouvrira-t-elle au public?!

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Weekly notable news (w17-19)

Another few weeks have passed quickly without anything significant happening: More crazy weeks at works and rainy week-ends where I don’t feel I accomplished anything. I am tired and really need a longer vacation. Next week I’ll start a ten-day holiday where I’ll be able to rest (sleep late!), catch up on stuff (writing, work around the house), travel around (Ottawa’s Tulip’s festival, Quebec City, botanical garden, museums, the libraries book sale, bury my mother’s ashes, etc.) and, above all, completely forget about work for a while. Or so I thought!

In hope for greener pastures, I have applied for a new library job (more responsibilities, further from home, but a greater challenge for my skills and a much better salary). However, after a lengthy processus, they scheduled an interview right in the middle of my vacation and at nine o’clock on the morning of my BIRTHDAY! Not only they made me filled a psychological test online (it’s called “an inventory of personality” and it will probably reveal that I am a total psycho) but they didn’t even bother to reply when I asked if it was possible to reschedule, so I’ll do my best to be there and we’ll see. Que sera, sera.

The weather has really been lousy lately. May is supposed to be the nicest month of all (and not only because it’s my birthday). Overall, it has been cold and rainy. It even snowed a little last week. In may! Hopefully, it will not portend that the summer will be likewise, and it will soon improve (at least for my vacations, please!).

Something strange happened at the beginning of the month: out of the blue, one late afternoon, I started to smell a vague odour of gazoline in the basement. It didn’t come from the obvious source, the garage. Usually, such smell comes from the sewage (through a dried P-trap) or from a dead animal but, in this case, it seemed to come from the pit of the water-pipe entry. I called the city and was told not to worry, it was “probably” not toxic and might have come from some work on the pipes in the neighbourhood (I couldn’t locate any nearby). I cracked open a window and the next morning it was gone. I never knew what it was.

The unlucky streak didn’t stop there. Not only I broke a piece of tooth while eating a granola bar during my lunch break at work (and I am still waiting for the dentist to find some spare time for an appointment), but I also discovered that the damage to the rear balcony of the house is more extensive than I first thought. The supporting posts are not planted deep enough (they rest on concrete supports that are just on the surface while they should be in soil deep enough so it never freezes in winter — who are the morons who built this house?!) so the ground expansion due to the freezing is slowly ripping the balcony off the house. So much that it has now become worrisome. We will have to do the repairs sooner than expected and it will probably be quite costly! What an exciting boring life!

Again, I must remind myself not to let the outside world rattle my core. Carpe diem, my boy, carpe diem!

Finally, I managed to stay acquainted with some of the affairs of the world and gathered notable news & links of interest — which I share with you (in both french or english, and organized into a few basic categories), after the jump.

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